Functional Dentistry

What Is Functional Dentistry?

Functional Dentistry is an approach to dental care that completely integrates the treatment of the mouth and oral area with all of the functioning systems of the human body. Functional Dental Health identifies and treats any oral influence or stressor that may adversely impact a patient's overall health, as well as screening for, and recognizing unbalanced, dysfunctional systems of the body that may interfere with the achievement of ultimate oral health.

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Our Mission
The Mission of Functional Dentistry
The Creation of Functional Dentistry
Why Functional Dentistry Was Created
The History of Functional Dentistry
Detailing the Development of Functional Dentistry
Foundation Principles of Functional Dentistry
The Five Foundation Principles
Differences Between Functional and Conventional Dentistry
Differences Between Functional Dentistry and Conventional or Alternative Dentistry
Dentistry and Cancer
Dental conditions and treatments and their relevance to cancer
About Dr. Hansen, Director of Functional
A short bio of Dr. Richard T. Hansen, Director of Functional Dentistry
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